Omega RLV Outfit Kit

This kit is designed to allow you to create and save outfits that can be used with RLV.
With this Kit you'll create huds that can store entire outfits and apply them to your Omega Enabled Mesh Body/Parts as soon as they are worn.  When placed in your RLV folders, RLV can be used to add them and change your outfit.

Important: These huds will attempt to apply multiple textures to your body in fairly rapid succession. As a result, it will not work if your mesh requires you to answer a prompt to apply, ie like Maitreya.  While we will try to note  which bodies it won't work with, make sure your body is not one with a popup. For more details about each individual mesh, scroll to the bottom.

Part Zero: What's in the Box (Show/hide)

RLV Outfit Applier - You will use these to arrange and store individual outfits to use latter. Once created, these can be used on their own or in conjunction with various RLV products.
RLV Makeup Applier - These work the same way as Outfit Appliers, but are for Mesh Heads!
RLV Combined HUD - This is used when arranging RLV Outfits and for Stripping/Redressing if you don't have a 3rd Party Product.
RLV Control Relay - This stores your outfit state and is what 3rd Party HUDs and Collars communicate with to be able to strip and redress you. 

Part One: Prepping Your Body (Show/hide)
  1. Make sure your body has Omega Installed.
  2. Make sure your body has ALL it's clothing layers turned on.
  3. If your body has a "prompt for layer" option, make sure you've turned it off.

Part Two: Creating Outfit Appliers (Show/hide)

Step One:  Rez the RLV Outfit and/or Makeup Applier.
They'll look like this:

Step Two: Wear the RLV Combined HUD
It'll look like this:
Step Three: Set up the Outfit Applier

Each RLV Outfit applier can apply up to 6 different clothing layers/zones. Each RLV Makeup Applier can store up to 9 different textures. The hover-text above the Outfit applier tells you what will happen to each one. 
Each mesh is different. Not all will support ALL of these, and in some meshes, some layers will respond to multiple layers/zones (ie, a single layer mesh, will ussually respond to both bra and top layers). I suggest setting uneeded textures/zones to locked and ignore to avoid conflicts.
  • Loaded: Means a texture has been loaded into this slot and will be applied. To do this, simply wear and use an Omega applier. The Outift applier will hear and store the texure.
  • Clear: Means a transparent texture will be applied. Use this to clear layers that won't be needed when using this outfit. To do this, use the Little Pink Eraser buttons on the RLV Combined HUD.
  • Ignore: Means nothing will be done with this slot. Use this for layers your body doesn't have (ie tatts) and/or for outfits you want to be able to use with other  items. (Ie, if you want the applier to apply a dress on the pant/top layer without removing the bra/undies on the undies layer) To do this, use the X buttons on the RLV Combined HUD.
  • (Locked): This means that collars and other items using the API can't accidentally remove this item. (good for tattoos! Also recommended for layers not supported by your mesh.) To Lock/Unlock, use the Red and Green Lock Buttons on the RLV Combined HUD
Important: You can only load the applier while it's on the ground, it will not accept appliers while worn. This is to keep from accidentally overwriting it.

Step Four: Rename/Configure/pickup.

Once you're happy with how it's configured, rename it to reflect what is stored inside. While you're renaming it, check the Description Parameters.

  • If you'd prefer the applier to stay attached after applying, change the "on" to "off".
  • If you find you have issues with lag, you can also change the delay. Default is 0.1 second between applications, but you can increase that by changing the number in the description to something higher.
  • If you're not sure if you need a delay, I suggest setting the auto-detach to "off" until you're sure you've got the right delay.
  • Once you're happy with how it's configured, pick it up.  

Step Five:  Wear the applier.

The outfit should apply to your body automatically and, unless you changed the description, remove itself when it's done.
If you're wearing the Omega RLV Relay, the relay will also store the information so 3rd party huds can strip and redress you.

Update 4+: You can now mass update many outfit configurations at once.
  1. Rez all the appliers that need changing
  2. Type /99 and the new description. Ie: /99 auto-detach;off;delay:0.5
  3. The scripts will automatically round to .1
  4. Once you're happy with how they are configured, pick them up!
    Careful to not touch them while rezed, or they will overwrite each other!

Part Three: Third Party Controls (Show/hide)

  1. Find and wear the "RLV Clickable Control"
  2. It'll appear in the lower left as a Heart and Omega Sign.
  3. Click the Heart to toggle hover text between info about your current state of dress, your makeup and nothing.
  4. Click the On or Off Button to turn the relay on or off. While On, the Relay will be RLV Locked to your person. While Off, It will continue to listen and remember appliers while turned off, but will not respond to any commands from items trying to dress or undress you.

This lets you know what textures have been saved. 
This is important if you're using 3rd party products to strip and dress you,
It'll also turn red when processing appliers. ;
They can only reapply what has been saved to this little relay.
Update 4+:
The script can now be removed and placed into any collar or other accessory you'd like to use as a relay. Doing so will remove the hovertext completely, the on/off button and it will not RLV lock to you. To get a report of your current dress state you can type /1 report and it will spit it out to local.

Part Four: Using with RLV (Show/hide)

Strictly speaking.. very little in this product uses RLV. Rather it's designed to be used by other products that have RLV.. primarily collars and other things that your partner can use to force you to wear the various RLV folders you've set up. I will not go into detail about how to set up RLV folders, there are plenty of guides for that. (If anyone has a favorite guide, feel free to leave in the comments).  What is important however, is when you set it up that:

  • Your body and Control Relay needs to be worn first. 
  • Place the The Outfit Applier into a folder along with any accessories and other bits you wish to wear.
  • Use RLV to wear that folder. The Outfit Applier will apply to your body as soon as it's worn.
  • To strip, use the included RLV Combined HUD or any 3rd party product that has been set up to support this product.

Part Five: Individual Body Notes (Show/hide)

Part Six: Developer Information (Show/hide)

Part Seven: Early Release and Planned Updates (Show/hide)

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