Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Omega System Kit for [Niramyth]

Omega System Kit for [Niramyth]

The male meshs keep coming!
This one has a custom UV map for skins, but has created SLUV clothing layers for it!

The Details: 

Reminder: We do not REVIEW meshes, only list features and specs. 

Omega Kit Type:  
Clothing (Tattoo) Layers
  • 3 unattached Layers of varying fit.
  • Unattached Pant layers do NOT stack
  • Unattached Top layers do not appear to be meant to stack..but stack fairly well regardless.
  • 1 attached tattoo layer that is not SLUV and does not take omega.
  • Clothing and Tattoo Layers do not extend over hands, feet or head.
Hands and Feet
  • Type A Hands and Feet
  • Hands and Feet are removable.
  • Does not fit standard sized hands and feet (ie, slink)
Head and Neck
  • Head is included and removable.


Is it Modify?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Omega System Kit for Ikimono Ears & Bewbapalooza Event

Omega System Kit for Ikimono Ears

You wouldn't think these ears would work with Omega, but because the ears use multiple layers for shading, we're able to grab and stretch a patch of skin near your ear for easy color matching!
(You still need to tint the shading and tattoo layers, but that's half the fun!)

For more info about this awesome mesh:

Bewbapalooza Event!

Looks like they started up Bewbapalooza again!
And this time almost everything in there is Omegay?!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calista/165/227/21

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Omega System Kit for Lumae

Omega System Kit for Lumae

As usual, this is NOT a review, but a list of features and functions. 

Lumae Mesh ears are unrigged mesh ears. While not strictly SLUV, they use a modified and cropped version of the SLUV Map so we are able to get SLUV head textures to fit.

Important: This kit works ONLY on the high and mid length ears.
Additional Modding may be required for a perfect fit.
For Best Fit, use Lumae Ear Appliers and always try a demo before buying skins.

The Details 
Omega Kit:

Clothing Layers: 
  • No clothing Layers
  • No alphas
Is it Modify
  • yes.
Is it Rigged?
  • no
Is there a Demo?
  • Yes!
Where can I get it?

Currently Only Available at Skin Fair 

How Much is it? 

Where Can I get the Kit?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Omega System for Collosi

Omega Scripted Mesh Skirt Panels

The Omega Solutions blog has moved (or is still in the process!)
If you are not redirected automatically, follow the link to the new page!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Omega System for Story Leaf

Omega System for Story Leaf

The Details: 

Reminder: We do not REVIEW meshes, only list features and specs. 

Omega Kit Type:  
  • Plugin: Being a no mod mesh, a drop in script was not possible. Instead it uses a simple installer hud that you wear and click to install the kit into your mesh.
  • Materials Ready: yes.
  • Instructions: http://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.com/p/story-leaf-instructions.html
  • Applier Checklist:

Clothing Layers
  • Three Clothing Layers on the body. Hands and Feet have a single clothing layer.(tatt)
  • No layer over the face, but one for hair bases
  • Clothing layers are attached
Hands and Feet
  • Type B Hands and Feet
  • Hands and Feet are included and SLUV.
  • Hands and Feet are hideable, but not removeable.
  • No nails.
  • Does not fit standard sized hands and feet (ie, slink)
Head and Neck
  • Head is included.

  • Nipples are not separate and do not use the Tango Nipple UV
Is it Modify


Is it Fitted?


Is there a Demo?

How Much is it?


Where Can I get the Kit?

On the MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-for-StoryLeaf/6953950
Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jacuma/75/72/25

Note About Male Meshes:
Male Skins/Meshes have no agreed on spot for the Male Nipple. Location varies greatly. Always try a demo appliers before purchasing male skins!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shade Ass, Horizontal Line Test and the 50L Tues Group

Shade Designer Mesh Ass

We have a new kit available!

We have a New Kit for the Shade Designer Ass!
For the full run down, check out our Info Page for this new mesh!

Horizontal Line Test

Mesh Makers! I wanted to let you know, we will be starting to include Horizontal Line Test Images in our Product information! This will not happen overnight, there is alot of bodys and we want to make sure we take pictures of the latest versions and not whatever version you may have tossed at our heads during development.   We also still have many meshes that still need a page done. All future releases will have them however, and  old releases will get updated in a randomly generated order. I just want to make sure you to be aware this is happening so you're not caught with a UV you're not proud of.

 However, if you're super proud of your UVs and want your page updated sooner, rather then latter, you can take your own pics and toss  them at us, or just make sure we have the latest version of your mesh on file.  

These super usefull textures are great for lining up your UVs, on designed to be perfectly straight and level and match at the seams.

New Contact Form for Mesh Makers
Are you a mesh maker? Did I bungle something on the description of your mesh? Did you update something and would like it reflected in our product pages?   Don't want to talk to this weird woman with the neon sim and the flying jelly fishes? Afraid she might give you cooties?

Well we have a form for that now ^.^

(Note, anyone using this form who is NOT the mesh maker or their employee will be shot...and quartered and generally made fun of! -nods- )

50L Tues

We're happy to announce there's a new Omega Oriented Event, 50L Tues!
ASA has always been a valued supporter of Omega and we're happy to see them running this weekly event! You can check out there blog here: https://50ltuesday.wordpress.com/about/