Monday, September 29, 2014

Update: Omega System Kit for EVE

Update: Omega System Kit for EVE

As promised, Absolute Creations has updated their Eve Mesh body to be modify which It's time to welcome back EVE!

If you're not Familiar with EVE, they have several Mesh body kits, each with a Pulpy and Slim Versions.

Store Remodel

If you not stopped by the store lately, you should come by!
We're totally remodeled the stores into one large building!
You'll find clothing downstairs and the Omega System upstairs.
What about the Hall of Mesh? We've merged the Hall of Mesh in with the Kits, so now you can take a visual tour of Meshes as you look for your Kits! :) 
(also makes it a bit easier to find your kit I think!)

Love, Hugs and Kittens
Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs - Home of the Omega System

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Omega Tent Event Second Opening

Excitedly we open the Omega Tent Event for the second time. Many designers fill up our large tent with items for all of our Omega lovers. Many designers including discounted items specifically for the tent, and promo items that can only be seen in the tent!
Be sure you check out the tent event while it is still running! It will be closing late Tuesday night!

Here are photos of the event!

Friday, September 12, 2014

V-Strings Fusion!

Omega System Kit for V-String Fusion!

We have a new Kit today Ladies!
V-String Released their new line of mesh bodys on the 5th...
which I didn't notice till yesterday...-embarrassed-

But hey, it's mod! So WEEEE

-needs a mesh maker stalker on my employ-  >.>

If you're not familar with their work, Violet Studio is very much about variety and self-expression. These are some very interesting bodys, each one curvy, or muscular or very very preggers! And if I'm reading the documentation correctly, they're designed to work with the V-Strings Wideloads and their line of mesh implants.  (picking up updates of these older products is needed however)

Love, Hugs and Kittens
Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs - Home of the Omega System
PS: I put a slurl in the top right of the Blog since Deevi KEEPS MOVING US! ^.^;

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Omega Big Tent September 12th

I am proud to announce that we have a set date for the Omega Big Tent Sale! Finally after all that hard work and motivation from our loving supporting fans we have gotten the tent filled up with designers who are Omega-Friendly! We are starting the event on Friday at 12amslt on September 12th, and it will be ending on September 14th at 11;59pmslt! [lol accidently put 145 lawd]

I am so excited for this event because our intent of the event is so that all of our supporters can find out about all of these amazing designers who are Omega-fied. I know how hard it is to find clothing for bodies or other mesh enhancements, that is why we are here to help you all out and get you here with us at this event!

On the day of the event the landing point on the sim will be shut off, and you will be able to direct teleport to the tent or if you want just walk around the sim and check out all of the stores we have out on the sim! This is your playground as much as ours!

Let us make our home here with Omega and get the word out about Omega and this event! Let's all make our lives a little bit easier!

I know alot of designerts are a bit bummed out that the first weekend of the tent it is full. Do not worry, after this weekend it will be alot bigger which means you will be able to put yourself in the event as well.
Contact Deadlyhoney Serenity, or R0sath0rn Resident for an application to join us in the Omega Big Tent Sale.
We do not turn people down, as long as you have omega appliers in your designs you will be welcomed to join us in being a designer at the tent!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Omega Big Tent Sale

Hello Omega-fied people! We have decided to start up the Omega Big Tent Sale on the sim! What is the Big Tent Sale? Oooooo It's a place where we can all gather, consumer and producer, and get the word out about Omega, and ensure that their are clothes for as many mesh enhancements as possible!

The Sales will be during the weekends usually starting on a friday and ending on a sunday night or monday! Our first opening day is on September 12, 2014! We already have eight amazing designers setting up their stands with their products for all of us! I promise you I will definately be there shopping haha!

Join our group for more updates on the sale!
Love-N-Lust Designs

Also meet us in world for fun and games and shopping!
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