Supported Bootys

Supported Bootys

Booty Kit Compatible Meshes

Our Booty Kit is designed to Support a Variety of Mesh Bootys.

Sadly, the Phat Azz and Cute Azz are no longer available, but our Booty Kit Covers them!


These people are fabulous, they have skinny asses, fat assess, rigged asses, 
fitted asses, asses with different length legs, they're crazy!

Find them InWorld:
Find them on the MP:
Get the Kit:

Ghetto Booty

Because of the way it works, there may be others! 
We're still going through Booties to see what other ones will work!

Non-Booty Kit Booty Asses

These asses weren't compatible with the Booty kit, but have their own kits instead! ^.^

Brazilia Asses

<Pic Coming when we find one>

find inworld:

V-String Wideload Asses
This is the smallest version of these lovely line of luscious asses

You can find these lovely mesh asses inworld here:
Get the Kit:

Perfect Bum

The perfect bum actually comes with an Omega Applier Kit pre-installed, so they work with Omega Appliers straight out of the box! (They also have a seriously awesome creator!)

Jiggle Booty

Taking advantage of our new relay system for no-mod meshes, the Kit for Jiggle booty will let you use omega appliers on all of 9s fabulous bums!

Know of a Mesh you think we should do?

Check out the progress page!

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