Supported Mesh Bodys

Supported Mesh Bodys
Currently Supported Full Size Mesh Bodys
(note, we're removing bodys from this page as they get their own individual pages, for the full list, visit here:

Brazilia Doll

Sking is another one with a ton of options. Blinding numbers of options. You really need to just go look yourself. Seriously...
find inworld:

V-String Fusion

V-Strings actually has a whole line of Mesh bodys, some are curvy, some are althletic and all are beautifully done. They're also have the first Pregnancy Mesh that is Omega compatible. 

1500L for most bodies, the pregnancy version however is 2000L

Busty Girl by Aii


EVE by Absolute Creations


Sadly Out of Business.

Visit their Blog:

Manoua's Muscles

Our First real "Muscle Mesh" to join the system, these gals are BEEFY and I love them for it! 

(They have several sizes and variations, so check them all out!)

Mens Mesh

L'Uomo by Animations Rising

One of the few Male Mesh makers that uses the SL UV map AND has clothing layers.
And just look at those butt cheeks! -grins-


Know of a Mesh you think we should do?

Check out the progress page!

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