Tootsies Mesh Feet

Tootsies Mesh Feet

Note: At Love N Lust, we strive to be impartial and we want you to know when there is a possible bias. It is one of the Tenants of the system and is very important to us.  This means letting you know when we were involved in the creation and distribution of a product (beyond the kits) and when our employees, minions and family are involved with a product.

This is a Love N Lust Product in Collaboration with Pixy Snook, owner of Pixy Sticks
(Thank you Pixy for the help with the skins)

Now, as usual, this is NOT a review, but a list of features and functions. 
Because it is our product, we've also integrated the instructions into this page.

The Details

Omega System Kit
  • Pre-Installed: Comes with Omega Built in right out of the box!
  • Takes Omega Skin, Nail and Clothing Appliers.
Omega Tootsies Nail HUD

  • Designed to allow you to designate which toe nails to paint when you use an applier. Toenails can be toggled by clicking the toes, or by using the "All On", "All off", "Left On"...ect buttons, effectively allowing you to use any combination of Omega Nail Appliers on your toe nails!

Omega Tootsies Control HUD

  • Collapsible HUD, click on Skin matching to expand the hud,click on the minimize symbol in the upper right to close it again.
  • Comes with 5 default tones from Pixy Sticks (Select-able on the Left)
  • Current Tone shown on the right with the tinting you've selected.
  • RBG can be set manually using the command line, /42  red,green,blue.
  • Sock Layer can be toggled while expanded or collapsed.
  • Option to load the current tone's Marketplace listing
  • Tint-able Blending Layers Included for a Perfect Match.
Rainbow Collection HUD
  • Included with the feet is a 10 pack of omega nail appliers for you to play with!

Alpha HUD
  • No Alphas, these are feet!
Clothing Layers
  • A single clothing layer.
  • Responds to Pants, Underwear and Lower Tattoo Appliers.
  • Toggle-able via the Control HUD. 
  • 5 Standard Sizes
  • Fits any mesh designed to fit standard sized feet. (ie, like slink)
  • Includes tint-able blending layers for those without mesh bodys
  • Sized and Shaped to fit into Slink Shoes
    (High Fit Highs, Mid's Fit Mids, we don't really need to say this do we?)
Is it Modify?
  • Yes!
Is there a Demo?
  • Yes!
Where can I get it?

How Much is it? 
575L per Height

v1.2: Added Single Foot Versions for those with peg legs and other reasons to want to wear only one.
v1.3 2/20/2015: Updated the blenders to get a more seamless look.
v1.4 2/20/2015: Fixed the permissions on the blenders...

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