Friday, November 14, 2014

Setting Alpha Blending Modes

Setting Alpha Blending Modes

Has this ever happened to you?

You use an applier... a bikini.. something lacy... and for some reason, you get large blocks of black and grey...whats happening?

Chances are good, some how... some way..your mesh has been switched to Alpha Mode: None

See that drop down that says Alpha Mode? Change that to ALPHA BLENDING.
Isn't that better?

Now, you're not done I'm afraid, there is a problem with having your entire body set to Alpha Blending....

If your skin uses inproper .png textures, this can occur!

The easiest way to fix this is to simply reapply your skin using an Omega Applier. All Omega Applier Kits are designed to automatically remove Alpha Blending from the skin layer, putting you back to normal

If you do not have an Omega Applier for your skin, reapplying your propratory skin applier (in this case, kitties liar applier) will often do it as many of the mesh makers have picked up on the fact they can script in the skin fix, if that does not work however, you can select the skin layer manually and change the blending mode to none. Remember you may have to do this several times if the mesh has many links. Alternatively, using an omega skin applier, followed by your normal skin applier may make the task less daunting


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