Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Omega Obsession HQ

New Omega Obsession HQ

We now have a brand spanking new HQ for  the Omega Obsessions group!

  • Find Information about Omega, 
  • Apply for notice rights in the Omega Obsession group
  • Pick up the Omega Obsession Designer Kit ^.^
  • Promote your business for FREE by putting a Gift on the wall for Omega Obsession Members! Being a renter on sim is NOT required!

  • Find Information about Omega
  • Find Designers who provide Omega Appliers!
  • Freebeesss weee!


  1. I dropped by the new HQ this morning to check out the some of the items on the Gift wall. I received a wrong group error each time, even though I was wearing gym Love-N-Lust group tag. I noticed via edit, that not all of the gift boards are using the same group, but even those where I had on the same tag generated that error. Is there a special group needed for these?

    TIA... love what Omega is doing for all of us!

    1. I'll drop by and double check them, but the it's the Omega Obsession HQs, you need the Omega Obsession Group tag. :) ((they're the huge Omega Obsession signs out front!)