Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Omega System Kit for Lumae

Omega System Kit for Lumae

As usual, this is NOT a review, but a list of features and functions. 

Lumae Mesh ears are unrigged mesh ears. While not strictly SLUV, they use a modified and cropped version of the SLUV Map so we are able to get SLUV head textures to fit.

Important: This kit works ONLY on the high and mid length ears.
Additional Modding may be required for a perfect fit.
For Best Fit, use Lumae Ear Appliers and always try a demo before buying skins.

The Details 
Omega Kit:

Clothing Layers: 
  • No clothing Layers
  • No alphas
Is it Modify
  • yes.
Is it Rigged?
  • no
Is there a Demo?
  • Yes!
Where can I get it?

Currently Only Available at Skin Fair 

How Much is it? 

Where Can I get the Kit?

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