Thursday, October 1, 2015

OMG The things today!

Omega System Kit - Aii
OMG The things today!
First... look at this thing....isn't it gloriously weird?

And we have an Omega Kit for it! -gets excited about the unussual stuff way too much-

Omega System Kit for Logo - Chloe
Equally Exciting is LOGO finishing their revamp of Chloe!

Now you can use Omega Appliers with their Chloe mesh head AND their Alex mesh head!
(don't worry Sadie  lovers, she's on the way! Gunna be a few weeks though!)

Omega Big Tent Events Return

The Omega Big Tent event has been reincarnated!
We've managed to trick... I mean recruit ourselves an event manager!

The first set of rounds will only be 12 slots at 150L/week per 10 prim slot. 
The Event will be held On the Omega Solutions sim.

So make sure you send your NCs to Ellashaeria Resident to reserve your spot.

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