Instructions for Slink

Instructions for Slink

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  1. has now ;)
    [03:40] Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1: Thank you for purchasing an Omega Friendly Mesh! For Instructions on how to aquire and install the Omega Applier System into your product, please visit us at:

  2. Does this hud work for hourglass?

  3. I'm confused. I'm wearing my Physique Slink Body with my matching Slink mesh head. I wear the installer hud, click the hus, and it does not verify in local chat. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hi!
    As per our support portal:-

    Non-working "Installer for slink'

    I tried to activate my SLink body / hands / feet to function with Omega, but I don't get any 'Thank you' message in local chat when I click the Omega System Installer - Slink HUD

    You must make sure your SLink body / body parts are the LATEST version. Please visit the SLink store and click a redelivery terminal to get your items redelivered :-

    If your items were GIFTED, the person who paid for the item(s) must request a redelivery to be sent to you, otherwise send a notecard to Slink Resident with details of the purchases and date bought.

    Kind Regards,
    (Omega Customer Support)