Signature Instructions

Signature Instructions

This kit is designed to allow you to use your Omega Clothing appliers with Signature's Male Mesh Bodys!! While there are some limitations, it should greatly expand your selection of clothing options ^.^

Important: This kit was released April 2015. If you purchased your body before that date, go pick up a update from their store!

Important: This kit is ONLY for Signatures Tattoo Layer, it has no effect on their non-SLUV skin!

Part One: Setting up your mesh

    1.  Wear your Signature Male Mesh.
    2.  Attach the "Omega System Installer - Signature Mesh"
    3.  Click the installer, and verify the mesh thanks you in local.

    Once this is done, your Mesh should respond to Omega clothing and face Appliers!

Part Two:  Getting your Phat Azz appliers to work like an Omega Applier. 

   Unlike Tango Appliers, Phat Azz Appliers must be converted to Omega before you can use them! Here is how! (This also works for Banned, Perfect and other Appliers that use Phat Azz NCs!)

  For How to convert your Phat Azz Appliers, follow this link:

Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs


  1. Hello, Chellynne!

    I bought your Omega System Installer for my Signature Mesh Body, but I can't get it to activate to add my tattoo to my body. I need your help on this, cause it doesn't want to verify, even though I bought it twice.

  2. How do i get back to being naked?? I can't make it! please help!!