Monday, May 26, 2014

A Lust Release

Lordy Lordy excitement runs through the air as the shop goes under new construction and the release of our Omega system! Finally after months of being MIA I have finally come up with something just a little simple that will be released on the day of the new shop opening! I'm rather excited for this. With our Omega system kicking off, and now I'm back in the game of making those big booty and big boobie friendly clothing everything is going perfect! Here's a little preview of what I have for you ladies, mind you this is one color. There will be over ten colors of this outfit, ha let me rephrase, the shirt. The shorts I find cute and am leaving alone >.>;; shifty eye moment! When the store opens and is released you can find these puppies for 40L only for a few days! OOoo I love cheap things!

Compatable with the Lolas, since I myself am a Lola lover, and the wowmeh since I am using the Omega system as well! Reminder, for those who use the wowmeh and the lolas, you have to use both appliers since I was making things hard on myself and ended up with two appliers. Buahahah.
Happy memorial day!
Oooo quick note before I forget! The shorts are rigged mesh ladies, 5 standard sizes there are no appliers for these! 

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