Thursday, May 29, 2014

Omega Systems Kit for Immortals

Omega Systems Immortal Kit is here!

I tried to take a day off... I really did... but this had to be done.. especially after how wonderfully helpful the creator was.

Designed to let you use your Omega Appliers (And by the power of card swapping, Tango and Phat Azz Appliers!) with the full line of Immortals Mesh Bodies.

Inside you'll find Scripts for your Body and Eyes as well as Scripted Mesh Templates Designed for:

Immortals - Original (female)
Immortals - Original (male)    
Immortals - Curves (female)
Immortals - Curves (male)
Immortals - Full Size (female)
Immortals - Full Size (male)
Immortals - Giant Avis (female)
Immortals - Giant Avis (male)
Immortals - Maternity Baby Bump
Immortals - Maternity Stage 2
Immortals - Maternity Stage 3

That's right, those are MALE Mesh Avi and templates! Immortals has the unique distinction of having the first Male Mesh Enhancements for the Omega System to Support! 
(Here's hoping for more soon!)

Coming Soon....

So whats Next? Well the next thing on the list is actually the Vstring Bootys. Mostly because they shouldn't take even an hour to do from the looks of em.... -throws confetti-

Now if you'd like to see something done, whether or not it's on the To-Do list. there is now a drop box in front of the Omega Kits. Drop me a NC! I may not have heard of your desired Mesh, and if I have, I may not have known just how many people want it done! ^.^;


I've gotten some fantastic feed back from your guys, and I love you all for it.

I'd like to compile a list of designers who use the Omega Appliers and put it up here for the world to see. So if you've started adding Omega Appliers to your Products, PLEASE drop me a NC with a LM and a Logo so I can add you ^. ^ (And come perv your stuff! hehe)

-Hugs, Luvs and Lust
Chellynne Bailey

Love N Lust Designs

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