Monday, June 2, 2014

Perfect Body and Dev Kit Update

Perfect Body Release & Dev Kit Update

Hopefully by now you've all received your new Dev Kits!

First let me assure you all the old appliers still work and continue to work, but let me show you the mischief I've gotten into ^.^

First the new Combo Appliers:

If you're a clothing creator, These guys are designed to cut the number of appliers you need to make for your clothing in half while also expanding your customers layer options by supporting Tattoo layers in any meshes that have them  ^,^ With only one NC to fill out for all three layers, they're a real time saver ^.^

If you're a Consumer, no more groaning in annoyance because someone didn't include the layer you need! Just pop your NC in one of these guys!  And those Meshes that include those coveted tattoo layers? You now have a way to get clothing onto them!

Next up: Nail Appliers

Due to Slink and Slink Appliers being no-mod, this info is mostly for Nail Designers rather then Nail users:

We've updated the Nail Applier Script to allow multiple designs!
If you open our Nail Applier Kit up, you'll find 3 appliers inside.
One is the old single design applier....blah.

The Second is a Modifiable Mult-Design Applier.

The Third is a working example of the Multi Design Applier ^.^

Best part is, the config cards are fully interchangeable with slink. In-fact, if you create a Slink Nail applier, and drop our script in, you now have a Combination Slink and Omega System Applier ^.^

Now to the New Release: 

Perfect Body was released yesterday and comes with the Omega System Built in!
It's also the first mesh to take advantage of our new tattoo layer Support ^.^
(here's hoping for many more!)
It can currently only be found inworld here:

-Hugs, Luvs and Lust

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