Saturday, June 21, 2014

Omega Kits for Brazilia, L'Oumo and Flicker Advert Groups!

New Flicker Advert Groups!

First, Did you know Love N Lust has a Flicker?

Also, we've errected three Flicker groups for Designers to hock their Omega Applier Goodness!

Now onto the new Kits!

Brazilia Kits Now Available!

Designed to let you use your Omega Appliers (And by the mighty power of config card swapping, Banned and Phat Azz Appliers!) with Brazilias Asses and Bodies!

Brazilia competes our collection of Mesh Booty Kits!
Or at least we think it does, know of a Mesh Ass we don't have? Let us know!

L'Uomo by Animations Rising

Also, joining our line up of Kits is L'Uomo!

One of the few Male Mesh makers that uses the SL UV map AND has clothing layers.And just look at those butt cheeks! -grins-

ND/MD Kits
Yeah  I'm seriously behind on blogging! But lets not forget these lovelys!

ND/MD Cuties Kit

Cuties joins the Omega Club!

If you've never seen a ND/MD Cutie:

My lord, the cuteness... THE CUTENESS!

Yabusaka Baby Kit
In an amazing streak of actual productivity, I also got Yabusaka Baby done the same day I did Cuties!

These little guys are even younger then Cuties and just as ridiculously cute!

I think that's it... as always my lovelys, find kits inworld:

So whats Next?
L'Oumo has sent me some Muscles to make a kit for. (Think Tangos for men!) I also need to inspect and tackle the rest of the Slink Line of Bodys. I'm also still looking for someone with a CK Toddler!

In the meantime, if you'd like to see something done, whether or not it's on the To-Do list. there is now a drop box in front of the Omega Kits. Drop me a NC!
Just make sure you include a MP link or Slurl or even just a creator name!
I may not have heard of your desired Mesh or
 I may not have known just how many people want it done! ^.^
 Or I may simply not have been able to find someone with that particular mesh!
 (I do need to SEE the meshes to script them ^.^')


Let me know when you put out clothing for Omega Appliers!
I'll put you on the Blog and send you the distribution kit so you can sell Omega System Kits in your store ^.^ (Totally optional, but a great convenience for your customers!)

-Hugs, Luvs and Lust

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