Saturday, July 19, 2014

Omega System News

Evian Kit Now Available!

Designed to let you use your Tango and Omega Appliers  with your Evian Mesh Heads and Hands by Ego is me!!

We've been wanting to get this one done for awhile now. 
With the addition of this kit, we have our first dedicated head and hand Omega meshes!

It should be noted, that while we THINK this kit will work on the male head... we really don't know at the moment.... so until we can verify and/or fix, it's labeled for female meshes only.

If you've not heard of Evian, you can find his store here:

Or find him in our super...supper SUPER under construction Hall of Mesh...
yeah...we'll finish it eventually... I swear.....

Of course, with the addition of Mesh Heads to our line up, we've also had to add a new skin/tattoo/makeup applier to our dev kits. With the sheer variety of mesh head designs, the new appliers are designed with the thought "be ready for anything" this new applier will allow your customers to apply a skin or other texture to any surface available on the mesh.  

I know this might be a bit confusing, trying to decide what layers are necessary. While Evian has a more standard layout (Makeup layers on top of a skin layer), heads like slink have no layers and make you do multiple skin textures. Also, bodies like Petite and Minikin have no sections or makeup layers and will only take a single texture for the entire head. So what should a skin maker do?

My advice for now...until we see more heads, both on and off the system, just do what you've been doing with head and make up textures. If you've been doing baked on make up, keep doing baked on makeup. If you do make up as a separate layer, do it as a separate layer. If you do both, do both.
Just make sure you make it obvious in your product description what you've included and as always...

(of course, if you want to be super cool, put a sign up indicating your willingness to bake your makeups onto your skin textures as needed. (for a small fee of course!))

Dev Muscle Kit Now Available!

Ah... another Muscle Kit. Pretty soon we're going to have to change our name to the Omega Spa and Gym Project! No? ok....

The Muscle Meshes abound! Dev Muscles specializes in very...Very... VERY Muscular and large women. Some as much as 4 times normal avatar height! These things are gorgeously detailed and well.. huge!  She also has male meshes that are just as detailed! 

So whats Next? Well we've managed to find someone with a CK Toddler AND someone with a Rin Avi! WOOT. Also on the to-do list: keep updating the various kits with Materials support and the 32bit skin fix. We'll see what sort of mood I'm in tomorrow (and how crappy my internet is being!) and decide what I'm going to work on! (I also have a mesh museum that still needs work!)

In the meantime, if you'd like to see something done, whether or not it's on the To-Do list. there is now a drop box next to the Omega Kits. Drop me a NC!
Just make sure you include a MP link or Slurl or even just a creator name!
I may not have heard of your desired Mesh or
 I may not have known just how many people want it done! ^.^
 Or I may simply not have been able to find someone with that particular mesh!
 (I do need to SEE the meshes to script them ^.^')


Let me know when you put out skin or clothing for Omega Appliers!
I'll put you on the Blog and send you the distribution kit so you can sell Omega System Kits in your store ^.^ (Totally optional, but a great convenience for your customers!)

A Note about the State of Wowmeh

Normally our policy at the Omega Project is to be "Mesh Neutral". While everyone has different tastes, in our eyes, all mesh is beautiful and lovely, and we want everyone to be able to wear what they want, how they want.  Our goal isn't to pick out what we consider to be the "best" or most beautiful. Our Goal is to support all mesh makers and mesh wearers and create an environment where all creators can thrive and do their best work and give consumers the best variety of choices possible. 

However, Wowmeh was a HUGE part of our initial growth at the Omega Project. I won't share numbers, but suffice it to say, the Omega Projects Success owes a great deal to Wowmeh and the popularity of her product. 

For those who have no yet heard, yes there has been a long awaited update of the Wowmeh body for those who have already purchased a Wowmeh body. (and yes, our kits have been updated for it) The plan was to put the Body back up for sale to the general public a couple days after doing an update.
(some have disagreed with this, but given how her updater seems to work, it was necessary just from a technical standpoint)

However the day after the release, we get this short notice from her partner Bit.

Baby Ghosn account have been hacked and is on hold at the moment.
We are sorry for the inconvenience......

Unfortunately, we lack any other details.

Those of us at Love N Lust Designs and the Omega Project would just like to say  our hearts go out to Baby for all the strife and confusion and frustration she must be feeling, just wanting to create and not being allowed to do so in peace. We wish her a speedy recovery of her account and hope there is no more speed bumps in her path.  Every creator is a valuable piece of Second Life that makes it what it is and we hope this incident does not deter her, or others, from doing what they love to do.

Love, Hugs and Kittens,
Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs - Home of the Omega Project

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