Saturday, August 9, 2014

(11) Designs Kit + an Eye Kit?!

(11) Eleven Designs Kit is now Available!

Apparently there was yet ANOTHER tiny mesh Avi that needed scripting!

Never seen a 11 Designs Micro Mesh? Here you go!

Both men and women have multiple shape options.
Each one is fairly inexpensive, 750L and comes with 3 full outfits.
Additionally they have options to purchase the shape one for 300L

You can find their MP Store Here:
Yuo can find their Inworld Store here:

Mesh Eye Kits Now Available

Just in case someone finds themselves with an Omega Eye Applier that didn't come with Standard Mesh Mesh. ^.^

Last Thing...With the new store we finnally have room for:


Wondering what Omega Friendly Mesh you should get? Take a wander over to the Hall of Mesh and take a look around. We have LM givers for all our supoprted meshes, and when possible Affiliate Vendors so you don't even have to leave the sim!  

Mesh Makers! 

If you haven't given me a vendor, do et! I love you long time! 
The % ain't a big deal, it just lets me show ALL of your products easily!
Help me help you pimp your stuff!

But yeah, come check out the new Clothing Store, Omega System HQ and the Hall of Mesh!

Oh did I mention we still have a couple shops available? 25 Prims / 100L! 
((additional prims available if needed))

Love, Hugs and Kittens
Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs - Home of the Omega System
PS: I put a slurl in the top right of the Blog since Deevi KEEPS MOVING US! ^.^;

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