Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Location & New Releases!

New Location!
Well we had to leave the the old sim, but now we have this shiny new homestead where we can DO WHAT WE WANT. Even if that means a bouncy Castle! 
That's right... a bouncy Castle! 

We're also happy to Introduce the


Wondering what Omega Friendly Mesh you should get? Take a wander over to the Hall of Mesh and take a look around. We have LM givers for all our supoprted meshes, and when possible Affiliate Vendors so you don't even have to leave the sim!  

Mesh Makers! If you haven't given me a vendor, do et! I love you long time!
The % ain't a big deal, it just lets me show ALL of your products easily!
Help me help you pimp your stuff!

But yeah, come check out the new Clothing Store, Omega System HQ and the Hall of Mesh!

Oh did I mention we have shops available? 25 Prims / 75L? 

New Releases at Love N Lust Designs!

Miracle of Miracles, we have some new releases this week!
Poisen has been hard at work, creating all manner of naughty things for you to wear with your Omega Friendly Booties!

I'm particularly fond of this little leather number and promptly demanded/begged her for my own copy ^.^;

I too managed to release something last week as well... although not as naughty, I know how hard it is to find high waist shorts that work with the mesh bodies. 

All of these can be found at our New Store Location, found here:
50L for a Limited time ^.^

-Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs

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