Friday, September 12, 2014

V-Strings Fusion!

Omega System Kit for V-String Fusion!

We have a new Kit today Ladies!
V-String Released their new line of mesh bodys on the 5th...
which I didn't notice till yesterday...-embarrassed-

But hey, it's mod! So WEEEE

-needs a mesh maker stalker on my employ-  >.>

If you're not familar with their work, Violet Studio is very much about variety and self-expression. These are some very interesting bodys, each one curvy, or muscular or very very preggers! And if I'm reading the documentation correctly, they're designed to work with the V-Strings Wideloads and their line of mesh implants.  (picking up updates of these older products is needed however)

Love, Hugs and Kittens
Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs - Home of the Omega System
PS: I put a slurl in the top right of the Blog since Deevi KEEPS MOVING US! ^.^;

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