Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Omega Big Tent Sale

Hello Omega-fied people! We have decided to start up the Omega Big Tent Sale on the sim! What is the Big Tent Sale? Oooooo It's a place where we can all gather, consumer and producer, and get the word out about Omega, and ensure that their are clothes for as many mesh enhancements as possible!

The Sales will be during the weekends usually starting on a friday and ending on a sunday night or monday! Our first opening day is on September 12, 2014! We already have eight amazing designers setting up their stands with their products for all of us! I promise you I will definately be there shopping haha!

Join our group for more updates on the sale!
Love-N-Lust Designs

Also meet us in world for fun and games and shopping!
Click me for Slurl

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