Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Omega System Kit for Belleza !

Omega System Kit for Belleza
Update 7/1/2015: Belleza now has THREE mesh shapes and has updated the UV maps of the hands/feet to be Omega Friendly!

The Body is no-mod but Belleza has worked with me to make sure it is Omega Ready!

This no-mod mesh was created by Belleza, an old and very popular Skin maker, so has received alot of attention and hype.

The Details: Omega Kit Type: 
  • Plug In: Being a no mod mesh, a drop in script was not possible. Belleza started out as a Relay, however was soon upgraded to a plug in so it will be able to support materials.
  • Materials Ready
  • Not Tinting Ready: Old, tinting ready version of Venus available on request.
  • Kit Instructions:

Clothing Layers: 
  • Comes with 3 built in clothing layers. Clothing, Underwear, Tattoos.
  • These layers do not extend over the hands.
  • The underwear layer extends over the feet
Head and Neck:
  • No head is included, but the body does extend up the neck, so skins do require head appliers.
Hands and Feet:
  • 16 different hand positions...SIXTEEN. 

  • Update: Hands/Feet have been altered and are now SLUV :)
  • 3 Foot poses, flat Mid and High
  • No clothing layers on the hands
  • Hands and feet are hideable, also the body comes with a "Slinkfit" version so you can wear your slink  hands and feet.

  • Nipples are separate and Omega Friendly! 
Is it Modify
  • No.
Is it Fitted?
  • Yes!
Is there a Demo?
  • Yes!
Where can I get it?
How Much is it? 
  • 3995L

Where Can I get the Kit?

What are others saying about this Body?


  1. Yes at last!
    But is there a way to make mesh project skin appliers work on venus?

    1. saddly no. appliers without Notecards are applier dead ends.

  2. Umm you have incorrect info here both hands and feet are SLUV and the appliers do work with them, Also its a slinkfit setting now not a version anymore!

    1. ah yeah... That is out of date and snuck by me when I updated the page. Thank you.

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