Friday, July 10, 2015

Maitreya Kit Update

Maitreya Kit Update

We've released a non-essential update for the Maitreya Relay Kit. 

Basically, we've added a small menu with some de-bugging options, to bring it up, simply click on the relay.

-Update: No more looking for koisks and delivery buttons in your inventory. Click it, and if there's something newer, it will be delivered.
-Clear: I never understood the need...but after 678million inquirys... there..there's a button for that. Click it and it'll clear off a layer of your choice.
-Re-Apply: Some well-meaning designers have gone rogue, and despite my protests combined multiple appliers into a single button, creating race conditions in some meshes, including this one. If you ever find one of these appliers, this will fix the issue.
-Debug: This will reset the whole mess. 

How to get the update:

Updates can be aquired either by visiting us inworld and hitting up one of the many Re delivery terminals strewn about the main building OR by finding and using the  "Maitreya Omega Kit Delivery (Wear Me)" in your inventory and using it.

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