Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Violet Studios Male Mesh, Stargazer Antennae and Sweet Lips update!

New Violet Studios Male Mesh Body

Violet Studios is up to mischief again! This time they've released a male mesh body!
And it uses the existing Omega System Kit for Violet Studios!

Violet Studios Kit Information :

New ADV => Omega Relay

Normally we're the ones who do the converters for old appliers to Omega,
this time however Violet Studios took the initiative and now you can convert any ADV applier to Omega!  Do note that like any applier converter, results may vary and as ussual..
You can get the relay here:

Stargazer Antennae

Star Gazers released these adorable Mesh antennae that use Omega Head Appliers!

SweetLips Update

The Sweetlips kit has been updated for work with SweetLips 2!

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